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ok so alot of people have said they didnt get my invites to the new blog. I dont know why some dont work?? so if ya didnt get it let me know, and if  you do make it to the new one leave me a comment over there so I know ya did! thanks

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The time has come!

Alright I've decided its time to go private! But I will still link to this blog when I update so it should still work on the blog lists. Please please get me your email if you would like access to the new blog, dont be afraid to ask (I know I always am:) ) I still want to keep in touch with everyone (just not ALL the crazies out there).  Click HERE to link over

An even LONGER time comming

Ok ok its time for an update, it has been a super long time with a lot going on! We have both been staying pretty busy. I'm getting to the home stretch with school, and although I can't wait to be done, I'm also a bit nervous to be out in the real world! May 14th and I'll be DONE! (hopefully!) Then, all to soon, it will be June. Which means Shay will be leaving, hopefully we can get some fun in before then. I have been a pretty boring wife the last little while, and hes been great to be patient and let me focus on school. Then it will be JULY, and the Baby will be here! I'm Due July 24th. We are having a girl, and I feel like its all coming really fast! I'm really REALLY going to try to be better with keeping this updated!
Here is a bit of whats been going on around here.

Shay shot his elk in Colorado...

and spent a lot of time Ice fishing....

We had a wonderful Holiday Season and announced our good news...

Celebrated Connies 80th birthday!!

Saw our little GIRL...

and lately have been enjoying the nice weather, while Shays been teaching me how to use "MY" new gun!

Its been a LONG time coming

Its been quite a while since an update. This summer break has gone by way to fast. We started off the summer break in May, with a trip to Vegas. We stayed at the Luxor, then went to see Mystere. I loved the show and I was a bit surprised but I think Shay kinda liked it too! We were able to go to dinner with the Lovell's and see there darling new baby. The only thing bad about the trip is that I didn't get many pictures.

For Memorial weekend we went on a four wheeling ride. It was a wonderful day, we shoot guns and even had to fixed a flat.

Barb and Becky getting in a little practice.

The boys Shooting around.

Fixing the giant hole.

The Culprit.

We had a great weekend.

June was kind of a crazy month, we had a lot going on, but then it was July!

For the 4th we took our trailer up to what we like to call "Pig Camp". We have gone up there every weekend since. Its always nice and relaxing to get up on the mountain and out of the heat in town.

There was a lot of shooting bows at the pig target. This is where the PIG in "pig camp" comes from.

Nicole and Mary waiting for dinner.

Gracie and Cash loved giving each other kisses.

Barb and Stevie spent a lot of time catching butterflies.

And the fourwheelers are always a big hit.

Of course the boys (and Chy) have to cook their mutton!

and this year Nicole "did have a plate"

Its been a wonderful summer so far I'm just not quite ready to get back to school.

For Anne

I just thought I would do a little shout out to Anne. She makes some amazing cakes, and she started a new blog click HERE to check it out!

This is one she made for our friend hailee's bridal shower, its one of my fav's.


I know its been forever, and to prevent Steph’s threats of inappropriate comments, here’s an update...I haven’t stopped posting for lack of things going on its quite the opposite. We have both been pretty busy. I just finished my first semester of nursing school. I planned on spending two years of hating life, just trying to get through. So far I have honestly LOVED it! (Given it was only the first semester) but it’s been fun! I guess I never expected school to be fun! I have a lot of fun people in my class, and that helps a lot! Shays been staying busy with work, and he’s also taking classes online.
Need less to say he did a lot of hunting this fall. And we had a great time up the mountain.

Shays been wanting an eye patch for when he uses his spotting scope. After my many failed attempts at making one, I finally found a real one for him to use. It actually worked out pretty well, and was a great source of entertainment. Shay did get a deer this year as well as Chy, but of course I don't have any pictures of them. We had a great season up the mountain, and like always, we had wonderful food.

This year everyone really got into bottled venison. I do Love venison, but bottled is another story! It might taste great but the looks of it ruins it for me. I just cant seem to make my self try it. I did try to help them make it one night, but all I could stand to do was take the pictures.

We have had a busy fun past few months. Hopefully I can do better on keeping up with whats going on.

Love this game

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